Our Story   

 All in the Family
The story of Bicycle Bread begins back in Florida, where Stephen and Ben Gordon grew up in a family with 11 kids. The pantry was always full of wheat, oats and honey and their mom daily made delicious breads, cinnamon rolls and granola for their family from scratch.

The Trade
In January of 2009, Ben and Stephen got off a bus in mid-city Los Angeles and traded 10 loaves of bread made from their Mom’s recipe for a bicycle they could use for deliveries.
Armed with a grain mill and their new bike, they began to perfect their Mom’s bread recipe and deliver bread around the North University Park neighborhood.
Thus the Bicycle Bread Company was born- a bakery motivated by a passion to share God’s love and serve our neighborhood with fresh baked healthy bread!

Growing Years
Over the years our team has grown and we now rent a small El Salvadorean bakery on the weekends. Our bread is now served at three restaurants!

Bread & Bridges
We have big hopes as we look forward: to be a part of building bridges in our vibrant and diverse community and to continue serving healthy bread for a healthy neighborhood.

Our Team

Stephen Gordon

Co-Founder, Baker

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Favorite Book: The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis
Favorite camping spot: Joshua Tree
Little known fact: Stephen once fell asleep while in the third row at an Iron & Wine concert

Ben Gordon

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Little known fact: Orlando Bloom once bought Ben a smoothie

Shalom Sanchez

Church Partnerships

Hometown: Belen, New Mexico
Shalom loves anything spicy, spicy food, spicy people….and places as long as they are spicy. She is happy. She secretly loves the Twilight series. Don’t tell her that we put that on the website.

Justin Lehtonen

Business Development

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, he grew up in a pack of wolves in a rural Finnish fishing village. With an IQ of 190 and the ability to deduce the square root of 2 in milliseconds, he doesn’t know where this sentence is going. He enjoys meeting people and touring Los Angeles on his Honda scooter.

Matt Thomas


Born and Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Matt moved to LA to be a male underwear model, but settled for non-profit work. He is married to an awesome woman:) He once drove 24 hours straight- Coca Cola consumption rate was 1 coke/2 hours. Legend has it that he ate a whole loaf of bicycle bread in one sitting because it was sooo good!

Maria Perez

Assistant Baker

Alyssa Arreguin


Richard Hidalgo


Julie Cramer

Assistant Baker

Rosie Leone


Special Thanks To:

Josh Sy for his beautiful photography, Jung Paek for her beautiful illustration, Lee Gordon for his photography and illustrations, and Gab Taraboulsy for his beautiful video to tell the story of Bicycle Bread!

And thank you Jill, Kelly, Lauren and Mom for teaching us how to bake!

In Memory Of

Bill Elder


He brought a compassionate servant heart to our team. He would take 2 buses to meet the team for 5am meetings at Denny’s and be the first one there! He always had a smile on his face. We miss you Bill and can’t wait to see you again:)

Bill Christman


Bill mentored Ben and Stephen as they started the Bicycle Bread Company. He was youthful and curious – always learning and always encouraging. At the end of the day, Bill lived for and loved Jesus! You could hear the joy in his voice as he would share about the things God has done. The things of God were fire in his heart and with them he lived youthfully and energetically! We miss Bill a lot and are so blessed that we could call him a friend and mentor.